When only the best will do this 2021 model Panasonic PT-MZ16K is in our humble opinion the best Projector that can be hired for a studio shoot hands down. 16k lumens was always a lot of power in a projector but usually didn't have the resolution as high and technology as important for film projection as this game changer. 15k lumen projectors of the past would take up half a studio where as the MZ16k fits humbly onto one our standard large shelf projection studio trolleys

The lenses available for the PT-MZ16K include ET-EMW200 for short throw projecting, ET-EMW400 for standard throw projecting and ET-EMS600 for long throw projecting. If you require a projection onto a building from a van or standard on street projection then this projector would be the ideal specification to ensure vivid bright images onto any surface

16k lumen Pansonic Projector London

As used on a recent BBC F1 documentary this 16k lumen      PT-MZ16KL        is ideal for outdoor projections

Both dry and wet hire available for this set in London

16k lumen projector on f1 shoot   

When approached by the team at F1 with regards to a studio projection where high powered and high quality was a must we made right and offered the 16k lumen high res beast from Panasonic the results where clear for all to see. Pretty much the best studio projection results we had ever seen 

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