16k lumen projector 16ft screen dreamteam

if you are looking for the dream team projector and screen for hire in a London studio the 16k lumen Panasonic and 16ft Fastfold screen are the dream team combo that deliver both size and power. The screen being widescreen is as you guessed 16x9 ft (seeing as the ratio is 16:9) perfect for backdrop visuals in music videos and shoots where a large punchy image is required with the talent immersed in background visual lovelyness;

Setup of the 16k 16ft fastfold screen takes around 30 minutes and 4 people will be required to lift the screen off the floor. It can be possible to have the screen set right down to the floor for when full ground up visuals are required. This technique is actually a hack as the screens are made to be at least a foot off the ground thouggh don't worry the hack is perfectly safe if not safer


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the dream team projector screen setup for a music video shoot in london

The studio in Hackney East London was perfect for this setup as space wasn't an issue allowing for a long throw of the projection and allowing for the high celing required for such a screen. 1k lumen of power for every ft width of a screen is a lot of power so will work in most lighting conditions even where strong lighting is poined towards the screen ;

Both dry and wet hire available for this set in London

16k lumen panasonic 16ft screen london

Filming at Camberwell Studios in South London this music promo for JD Sports ft Lady Leshur required the dream team projector hire setup the size of the screen and power of the Projector made this viral video shoot promo a massive success ;