In environments where lighting is not a problem and not much spillage is expected then a 5k lumen projector may be just the ticket. With the same quality optics and resolution of its big brothers these HD laser LCD projectors are a great solution where a budget projector is required to be hired in London

Installation and setup of 5 and 6k lumen projectors becomes a dream in most situations as they are so light and relatively small. This makes ceiling, girder and truss mounting very easy to do relative to larger projectors that can be hired. These Projectors can be hired and delivered anywhere in London usually same day


5k lumen projector hire 

To project these animated dots onto the ground representing the spread of Covid-19 was both fun and challenging. As no such bracket is available for these Projectors we had to adapt one ourselves and send the ptojector 4m up to get a good enough throw down to the ground

Both dry and wet hire available for this set in London

5k Projector on special stand to create floor projection for bbc corona virus documentary

The challenge to project dots onto the ground representing the spread of Covid-19 with the BBC was both difficult and fun. We had to adapt exisiting brackets to fit onto the 5k lumen projector. The projector hired being small and light really helped with the ease of installation and the projector proved bright and high enough resolution

The documentary proved a big success as ratings for this episode proved to be very high. We like to think our projections helped alot in the success of the show. If you require projection for a documentary do get in touch so we can help you find the best solution