projection van hire for outdoor  projections 

The infamous Platinum Projection vans have been projecting artwork projects / advertisements / protests and goverenment information onto buildings and objects around London for the last 12 years. Our very first ourdoor projection in London was for FHM magazine in 2010 where we projected onto buildings around London's south Bank. The Junior editors were in competition to see who could become the most famous within a few days of publicity stunts. Since then we have done everything from Projecting onto St Pauls Cathedral for an animal charity(with permission) to projecting images from moving vehicles of running horses for Ford in London Paris and Rome.

Using the Projection Van has the advantage of having inbuilt power for high powered Projectors meaning no need for external generators and being much more discreet. The Projection Van also provides a secure and weather reisitant location and of course being able to move to different locations quickly and easily


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Outdoor Projection hire in London

Tasked to assist with projections for an F1 / Bose collaboration featuring Lewis Hamilton we would have the camera mounted onto the front of our projection van and drive around the streets of central London simultaniously projecting and filming at the same time. The footage of f1 vehicles projected onto the road whilst moving was an effect not seen before or since and has gone down as one of the great projections in a TV advert. As outdoor projections go this was one the more intense operations but don't worry Projecting onto a building can be as simple as connecting a laptop to a projector already setup and ready to go   

Both dry and wet hire available for this set in London

Stormzy Book launch in Brixton and other locations in London

The Stormzy book launch Projection Promotion could be considered one of the more straight forward but highly effective projects. The task was to project onto multiple locations around London to promote the new Stormzy book launch. A 15k Lumen HD Projector was chosen for it's combo of power and portability and the media was loaded onto a laptop. We were lucky with the weather and with the projector hired having sealed optics were able to have the projector outside the van to acheive some very high Projection angles. Having a full set of long throw lenses available with the hired projector made projecting long distances at different image sizes an easy and quick process so we could get amazing images projected onto various walls around London with ease